We have been serving the Northwest Florida area since 1989. In search of the best steak, Charles decided to create his own seasoned au jus. The amazing steak burger is made from our fresh ground ribeye, striploin, and tenderloin.   The  open-flame grill  completes  the unique taste that has made Samuel's RoadhousE one of the favorites of the Florida  panhandle. 

Our Specialties


A tasty and juicy combination of lightly seasoned fresh ground steak.

Our Grill


We offer a variety of local brews in the bottle or on tap. Full bar.

Samuel's signature sauce and open-flame grill bring out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. Starting with quality choice or higher beef, we age our meats until the peak of perfection. Then, we hand cut each steak and baste them while cooking on our open-flame grill. All meats cooked to your desired temperature.  Also available for your dining pleasure we offer a selection of grilled seafood, chicken, and ribs.

Bringing The Heat


For those of you looking for something a bit more healthy, try our salads.

Seasoned with our signature sauce and grilled over an open flame; cooked to perfection.

Our Story


Our quality seafood is great grilled our fried. You can even get it sauteed or blackened